Brian Thomas Littrell. Date Of Birth: Feb. 20, 1975. Birth place: Lexington, Kentucky Birth Time: 1.37 AM. Nickname: B-rok (from a basketball slang 'rok'), Seaver (from Tom Seaver, the softball player), Mr. Joker, Frick, Baby Duck (only his mom calls him that). Zodiac sign: Pisces. Wedding Date: September 2, 2000 Martial Status: Married to Leighanne Wallace Child(s): 1 Son (Baylee Thomas Wylee Littrell) Family: Mother Jackie, father, brother Harold, Wife Leighanne and Son Baylee. Singing relative: Kevin (cousin). Kevin's mom is Brian's dad's sister. Eyes: Blue. Hair: Dirty blond. Sports: Swimming, Basketball, Golf. Favorite past time: playing basketball, Golf, Weightlifting. Favorite color: midnight blue. Favorite School Subject: Math. Favorite Instrument: Trumpet and Guitar. Biggest Fear: Heights. Favorite Smell/Scent: Lagerfeld's Photo, Safari. Favorite place: Home. Favorite Drink: Iced Tea and ginger ale. Favorite food: macaroni and cheese, cheese pizza. Favorite BSB Video: As Long As You Love Me. Favorite music: Boyz II Men, Shai, Jodeci, Luther Vandross. Favorite movie: Train spotting, star wars and any Jim Carrey movie. Favorite Book: Hit Man. Favorite Ice Cream: Plain vanilla with chocolate chips. Favorite Song: he says, 'Too Many to Name'. Favorite T.V. show: Fresh Prince of Bel Air, friends. Singer/Producer: Baby Face. Favorite Fashion: Tommy Hilfiger. Bad habit: Biting his fingernails. Favorite movie star: Tom Hanks, Jim Carrey and Sandra Bullock. Favorite cologne: Safari, CK One. Major turnoff: Racism. Favorite type of girl: One who likes him for himself and who is nice.

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